Fleet Tracking Transceiver

IGPS – Integrated GPS Source

The built-in GPS antenna increases the independency of mounting the mssTRACK device aboard. Only power supply and VHF connectivity is needed.


Maritime Text Messenger

By means of a built-in „Text-Messages“ System the mssTRACK is able to communicate bi-directional with the Regional-Center. Short messages like storm warning etc. can be send-out to the vessel. Via Bluetooth the cellular phone of the fisherman will get the information and is able to return a text the same way back.



SOTDMA – no position report gets lost

Based on AIS Class B SOTDMA technologies, the mssTRACK is transmitting with high priority as a Class A unit does, and transmission slots for the next 8 transmissions will be reserved automatically. This works out the fact that even in areas with high traffic volume the mssTRACK is always able to send out position reports.


Remote-Read-Out App

“From hook to cook”
The mssTRACK is bluetoothing the current vessel status quo including LAT/LONG position, COG, SOG to a smartphone with installed ABALOBI fishing catch report app.
Who, Where, When, Why?
These questions become answered by the ABALOBI app. Via mobile data service (3G/4G/LTE) all stored data are forwarded to an onshore located IP-address at a server station. Central Command is able to overview the total fleet vessel movement and activities to prevent IUU.



Long Range Tracking via Sat Communication – LRTvSC

In addition to the regular VHF communication the mssTRACK contains a satellite communication module which enables to transmit current position data via the orbital satellite network to the onshore receiving stations. Depending on the pre-programmed coastline distance the unit switches automatically from coastal position reporting via VHF into satellite reporting. Therefor Telegram-Typ 27 is send out into the sky.


Advanced Route Data Storage

The mssTRACK will automatically store the last 8000 waypoints in a loop. Particular status and vessel activity can be read-out exactly by the Regional Center.


Anti-tampering and anti-removal functionality

The mssTRACK has got an electronical security feature that prevents tampering or removement in any unauthorized way. Central Command Center will be informed immediately.

High Diversity Power Source

SOLAR panel – vessel engine – rechargeable batteries

The power supply support of the mssTRACK can be done via SOLAR panel or vessel engine. If both is not sufficient to your project, rechargeable batteries are also contained inside the device. Depending on pre-set reporting rate the battery lifespan will be up to 5 days before recharging. Usage in parallel mode with Solar-panel and batteries is working perfectly.

IP67 – waterproof

The riggid housing is IP67 dust resistant and a few minutes submerged waterproof.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions
    180mm * 120mm * 50mm
    Weight: 750 Gramm
  • Power Supply: 9.6 – 31.2VDC
    Consumption: 3,1W@12VDC
    •solar panel
    •vessel engine
    •rechargeable batteries
  • Transmission Power 5 Watt
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 72-channel GNSS receiver
  • Operation temparature
    -25°C to +65°C
  • Functionality
    3 Buttons, 8 Status LEDs
  • Approvals
    Europe R&TTE, USCG, FCC, IC, BSH
    Canada TC, IC
  • Compliance/Certifications
AIS IEC 62287-2:2017
Environm. IEC 60945:2002
GPS IEC 61108-2003
EN 301843-1:2004
Prod. Safety EN 60950-1
ITU-R M.1371-5