The mssTRACK is a high end SOTDMA Class B AIS transceiver of the latest generation. It provides internal GPS, so that no external antenna to be connected. It has got 4 slots for additional modules which can be clicked into the housing by a service partner. Nevertheless the housing is small and rugged.

Possible modules which can be clicked in are: Wifi/Bluetooth, Orbcomm Satellite, Iridium Satellite, GSM/3G/4G/LTE, LORA, Sensorboard and many others.

It has got external buttons to user mode settings and up to 7 LEDs for the indication of the functionality of the unit. In addition, it can work fully independently as rechargeable batteries are also integrated.

Standard Sat communication via sat message 27 to Exactearth Satellites (up to 60! Satellites) is base feature. All transmission parameters can be set by an admin, as reporting rate, frequency, encryption, tamper alerts, geofences, dynamic reporting as closer to coast, etc. etc.

VHF based Real-Time-Tracking
Due to the VHF based direct ship-to-shore transmission there will be no time gap in receiving the position reports from the vessels and their identification.

MTM – Maritime Text Messenger
By means of a built-in „Text-Messages“ System the mssTRACK is able to communicate bi-directional with the Regional-Center. Short messages like storm warning etc. can be send-out to the vessel. Via Bluetooth the cellular phone of the fisherman will get the information and is able to return a text the same way back.